The student teaching journey begins.

I start student teaching Monday in a high school physics room. This morning I am visiting the classroom I am in to see the classroom dynamics I will be working with. I am glad I came in this morning to get a feel for morning traffic (bad at 7:30am), parking at the school (really bad), and classroom dynamics (interesting).

I was hoping to be in my class by 8am this morning. However, with all the excitement moving my car so I don’t get ticketed/towed, etc I got in when class started at 8:30. (Again I am ever so grateful that today was a practice run).

It looks like I need to leave the house around 7 Monday.

Til now, this school year, I have been subbing. Hopefully the classroom management lessons I learned there will serve me well.

Most my subbing was in middle school. However, many of the behaviors I am observing today are similar to the middle school, including a struggle for students to engage and students focusing on non-classroom issues like what girl a guy wants to be with.

A huge part of me cannot believe I will be charged with teaching this bunch. Self doubt creeps in. However, as I have learned subbing, no matter what happens I can make it work. And, unlike subbing, I have a ton more support. My collaborating teacher and my advisor will both be resources to me to help me work through issues I encounter as they arise. Sometimes when subbing, I feel like I am trying to keep my raft in the middle of the sea afloat while students are actively trying to poke holes in it.


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