Whats happened since Student Teaching

Yesterday I stumbled across my blog, which I have ignored for the past year and a half.  At that time I was just just starting my student teaching experience.  Despite  good intentions I did not blog throughout.

I had a good  student teaching experience.  Immediately thereafter I was hired to teach in a Minneapolis school in a freshman classroom who endured 6 weeks of day to day subs after the classroom teacher went out on medical leave.  That experience lasted 3 months. I was utterly unprepared for the difficulty managing students in the midst of such chaos.  This experience provided me a great deal of humility and showed me that many of my definitive ideas about the nature of education had to be revised.   Fortunately, though, I ended the year in a more stable situation for a teacher who went out on maternity leave.  This taught me that difficult times can certainly end well and I can be better off for having had them.

This school year has been my first year of full time teaching.  I teach 9th grade physical science, physics, and AP physics in Cook County in Minnesota.  This has been a rigorous load.  Next year, my school does not offer physics, but chemistry.  Therefore I will be teaching at another school.  I am in the process of getting this arranged now.

This year, I have learned many lessons, which I hope to elaborate on in future posts.




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