So few people are really aware of their thoughts.  Their minds run all over the place without permission, and they go along for the ride unknowingly and without making a choice.

Thomas M. Sterner

I am a high school physics teacher.  I attained my license December, 2014.  My first full time teaching job was in the 2015-16 School year in Cook County, Minnesota.

Before full time teaching I worked in Children’s Ministry and as a substitute teacher, reflected in some of my earlier posts.

I am working on my Masters in Teaching and have just 3 more credits to go.  I have  a deep interest in the nature of scientific thinking and in meta-cognition.  I strive to get students to understand their own intuitions and to better understand why they think they know what they think they know.  Only when we are able to observe our minds are we able to fully make them work.

This blog is a reflection of the teaching I do and the teacher I am becoming.



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